Sunday, January 6, 2013

Where is the money?

How come you don't have any money? Look around you. Everyone who is getting married has got money. They have each bought flats, they have cars, and they have a LOT more money. How about you? Did your parents never teach you that you should save money?

What kind of imbeciles did you have as parents? Cheating whores and lackwit uncouth savages? Your family is practised in the art of making people sound crazy, right? Well, you were able to drive your father to suicide. Certainly your mother has been able to do this once - and you have learned it.

You also want me to die, don't you? At least then you can prove me crazy and you can file divorce.

And how come your entire family has been fleecing you of money this whole time? How did they teach you - earn and then spend for us?! They never taught how to save a single penny for yourself, and now I am married to you.

I wanted a husband with some money, with some mental maturity. So that I can be steady and sweet. Instead, I have to be the bitch and practical one.

You lied to me, you told me you are the practical one before marriage. How come you don't know this yourself? Why aren't you paying attention? What are you thinking about?

Why do I have to be the practical one? Why can't I depend on you for anything? The other women are sweet because they can depend on their husbands. How about you? Why can't I depend on you? Why can't I trust you with anything? Why do I have to tell you what to do?

How come I have to discuss financials with you? Look at her husband - he is so fit, he inspires her to be fit. You don't exercise and therefore I am becoming fat. I don't feel motivated just because I live under the same roof as you do.

Look at all my friends' husbands. All of them are so smart, so active. Why aren't you so? Why can't I depend on you? When will you learn?

When will you have any money for me to live in peace? Where is any money anywhere? Why can't we afford anything? Of course I did not ask for this. I don't like you, and you don't love me. I know you don't. Prove to me, show me the money. At least make me feel financially secure. Show me that we have made 20% downpayment on the house.

Why don't you have money? Where is the money? Where is the money? Bring more money. Make me feel happy. Where is the money?